All things must pass away

images-22.jpgMusic can be such a powerful force.

It can make us joyous and get us up off our feet, it can soothe our aching wounds, it can take us back in time, it can bring us to our knees.  In celebration or in desolation, it’s always there to help us crystallize our thoughts and emotions about the joyous and tragic events of our lives.

“It seems to me you lived your life like a candle in the wind…”  Elton John 

This week, our family, particularly my daughters, lost a close friend, who perished in an auto accident.  These kinds of events are so shocking in their suddenness and their finality, and no one knows exactly what to do, or feel.  It just doesn’t seem real, like a nightmarish scene from a bad movie.  And those left behind to mourn are searching for ways to cope, to heal, to put it all in perspective and somehow make sense of something that makes no sense at all.

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