Whistle while you work

I’ve had a different kind of week, full of medical distractions, so I haven’t been able to devote the time to write a more substantive piece for the blog. So I’m offering up a fun, utterly lightweight list I came up with recently.

I was thinking about various professions and what their favorite bands might be.

If you’re in law enforcement, it would make sense if your favorite group was The Police.

If you’re a baker, your favorite group might be Bread.

You see where I’m going. So why not play along?

See if you can guess which bands from the ’60s, ’70s or ’80s I picked as the ones that seem like good matches for various professions!


1. If you’re a dairy farmer, you probably like _______________.

2. If you’re in broadcast news, you’re surely a fan of ____________________.

3. If you’re a city planner, you pay attention to _______________.

4. If you’re a cardiologist, you no doubt listen to _______________.

5. If you’re a pilot, you might be a fan of ______________________.

6. If you’re a U.S. Ambassador, you’re interested in ______________________.

7. If you’re an electrician, you’re probably listening to ________________.

8. If you sell prime seafood, you’re a follower of ________________________.

9. If you work at a marijuana dispensary, you certainly dig _________________________.

10. If you’re a medical researcher, you’re interested in _____________________.

11. If you’re a hair stylist, you might be fond of _________________.

12. If you’re manning a suicide hotline, you may listen to ____________________.

13. If you work at a pet rescue shelter, I’ll bet you love _______________________.

14. If you’re a porn star, no doubt you’re into _________________.

15. If you’re a gun manufacturer, you surely like ___________________.

16. If you’re a zookeeper, you probably enjoy __________________.

17. If you’re a scuba diver, your favorite band might be _______________________.

18. If you work at a sober living home, you might like _______________________.

19. If you’re a career military person, you may enjoy the music of ____________________.

20. If you’re a locomotive engineer, you’re a fan of ___________________________.

21. If you’re a sleep therapist, you know the music of __________________.

22. If you’re a garage mechanic, you’re into _____________________.

23. If you’re an entomologist, you might listen to ____________________ or ____________________.

24. If you’re a jeweler, you’re probably a fan of ____________________ or ______________________.

25. If you’re a colorist, you enjoy ___________________, or _____________________, or ______________________.


Scroll down for my answers. Perhaps you came up with something different!

















1. Cream

2. Talking Heads

3. Traffic

4. Heart

5. Jefferson Airplane

6. Foreigner

7. AC/DC

8. Blue Oyster Cult

9. The Doobie Brothers

10. The Cure

11. Blondie

12. Dire Straits

13. Stray Cats

14. The Kinks

15. .38 Special

16. Def Leppard

17. Air Supply

18. Crowded House

19. The B-52s

20. Grand Funk Railroad

21. R.E.M.

22. The Cars

23a. The Beatles

23b. The Crickets

24a. Golden Earring

24b. The Bangles

25a. Pink Floyd

25b. Simply Red

25c. Deep Purple


  1. Aphoristical · May 22, 2021

    The Cows, The Cardiacs, and ELO all came to mind for the first few.


  2. Bruce Hackett · May 22, 2021

    Agreed! There are certainly multiple possible answers to each of these. For instance, one friend pointed out many more answers for what a colorist might listen to: Jackson Browne, Moody Blues, Whitesnaske, Black Sabbath…


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