We could have lived this dance forever

Since its inception two years ago, this blog has centered on the artists, albums and music of the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, and the issues and topics that affected them.  In 2016, as we watched many in tmte1oda0otcxndy5nda3nzu3hat generation of rockers approach and surpass age 70, we suddenly saw an inordinate number of them passing away, and I found myself writing nearly a dozen obituaries/tributes.

Perhaps it’s fitting that the final rock star death of last year was the youngest.  George Michael, who passed away Christmas Day at 53, became a star in 1984 at only 21, and made a significant impact on rock music, particularly on fans born in the 1965-1980 period.  So he wasn’t really from my era, and I was only a marginal fan…  But there’s no question he is deserving of one more obituary tribute here on “Hack’s Back Pages.” Read More