Only the beginning

January 1st, I think, is a terrible time to start a New Year.  We’re exhausted from the Christmas season, it’s cold and dark outside, there’s a long stretch of winter months ahead of us.  I always thought April 1, or May 1, with its blooming crocuses and “hope springs eternal” mindset, would be a far better time for this spiritual, physical and mental renewal.  But January 1 it is, so let’s proceed.

The need for rebirth, for turning over a new leaf, is a strong and beneficial thing.  We all must recharge our batteries, refocus our goals, and start anew sometimes.  Maybe every year.

Today, to commemorate the ushering in of 2019, I am featuring a dozen songs that are designed to mark the New Year and the changes, resolutions and fresh starts we hope to successfully achieve in the coming 12 months.

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